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How to Make Edibles the Right Way

How to Make Edibles the Right Way

Cannabis users have been making pot brownies for years but even for the experienced user making edibles is a pretty inexact science.  Everyone has their own recipe and the method of infusion they use, often paying very little attention to the strength of the strain they are using.  If you’re lucky enough to live in a state where annabis is legal there are all kinds of edibles you can buy from a dispensary. A prominent Tacoma cannabis dispensary offers many different forms of edibles to their visitors who just can’t get enough of them!

If you want to make your own edibles here is how to make edibles the right way.

Don’t Use Actual Pot in the Recipe

You’re going to have many edible users that will claim they ground up a gram or two of pot and threw it into the brownie recipe and it turned out “amazing”.  They weren’t amazing, and here’s why.  When you throw ground up pot into your recipe you get decarboxylation, the brownies will retain some potency of the weed but they are going to tastes awful and you may end up getting sick.  We are not meant to digest plant matter in quite that manner.

Stop Using the Strongest Weed You Can Find

If you go to a dispensary to buy edibles the more potent they are the more expensive they are and you are definitely not getting your money’s worth.  You are just as likely to get sick as you are to relieve your pain or enjoy your buzz.  You need to experiment a little with dosing first to find the perfect strain for you.

Clean Your Weed First

Weed that you’re going to cook with needs to be treated like any other vegetable you cook with, you need to clean it first.  Weed gets sprayed with pesticides and has insects etc, just like any type of lettuce.  Start off by soaking your week in distilled water for a day or two first and then blanch it.  You will get a much better product to work with while you’re making edibles.  Try this first and your cannabis infused butter will look like actual butter rather than being green or black.  Here is how to make cannabis butter.

Don’t Cook on High Heat

Almost every recipe from brownies to cake call for an oven set to 350F, most ovens are very imprecise and there can be a difference of up to 25 degrees.  When it comes to cooking with pot you need to understand that THC will start to break down at 365F.  If you’re using cannabis butter to sauté something then you also need to be careful and not cook on high heat.  Cannabis butters and oil can’t be used in the exact same way you use butter to cook.

Edibles are fantastic and many medical cannabis users prefer them to smoking, but if you want them to work for you then you need to know how to make edibles the right way.

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Edibles Versus Smoking

Edibles Versus Smoking

Since there has been legalization of cannabis for recreational use, the number of new ideas and recipes for cannabis infused food has been incredible.  Many users of medical marijuana prefer to ingest edibles rather than smoking, they find it more effective in dealing with pain.  If you have never tried cannabis before and you are wondering which you’d prefer, edibles versus smoking let’s break down the differences for you.

The Effects are Very Different

Cannabis infused edibles like the traditional pot brownie tends to be much strong that smoking or even vaporizing.  When you ingest cannabis it is metabolized by your liver, this makes it much more effective in crossing the blood-brain barrier giving you a much more intense high.  There is a different metabolic process when you inhale, it will go directly to the brain.  Inhaling is a much quicker high but it will diminish far more quickly.

When you are trying edibles for the first time you need to start slow, it can take up to two hours for the effect to kick in but when they do it can be pretty intense.  The high can last several hours unlike inhaling THC.   Smaller doses will give you a more comfortable effect, stronger doses can give you more of a psychedelic high.  Smoking, on the other hand can get you high within 20 minutes.

THC Content

Trying to figure out the content of edibles isn’t easy and even those experienced in making edibles have a hard time with getting the dosages right.  There is a delay between eating a pot brownie or some other edible and when the effects start to kick in.  Be very wary of underestimating the dose.  Most markets will consider 10 milligrams of THC as the standard and while ingesting large amounts of THC won’t kill you, you won’t enjoy the experience.  The effects of smoking cannabis is almost immediate so it is far easier to judge the dose.

Healthier Alternative to Smoking

Aside from medical marijuana users there are plenty of people who prefer to ingest edibles rather than smoking because they don’t like the idea of smoking anything.  Using a vape is another alternative many people who are health conscious prefer to smoking, it isn’t as harsh on the throat but the effects are still immediate.  Edibles do also have a longer effect, so this is better for those that are trying to manage their own pain.

When you look at edibles versus smoking there are some pretty big differences, which you choose will depend on your own needs.

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